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£19.00 - £34.00

Problematic Skin Herbal Cream - Royal Guard

The Royal Guard is fierce and has no nonsense policy. The best of the best, effective in guarding your skin long term.

Herbal, neutral scent. Intended for problematic skin , soothing and moisturising.
With Copaiba Balm that enhances properties of other ingredients, making them extra effective for better, faster results. Extra moisturising.

The outstanding properties are the result of not only the individual ingredients but also the artisanal way in which they are sourced, specifically combined, meticulously formulated and then hand filled. We source the highest quality of raw materials , rare ingredients combined together to address needs of your skin.

Ingredients were combined together to offer complex effect of Clensing face, drawing out impurities to then clear them, brighten skin and prevent further inflammation by offering Soothing and antibacterial properties.

Copaiba Balm- highest amounts of BETA-CARYOPHYLLENE (55 %) of any known essential oil.Exceptional anti-inflammatory properties, scar healing, antibacterial, astringent, and emollient (moisturising).

With Activated Charcoal, Oat oil, Sandalwood and Blackseed.

This cream:
*Calming irritation of shaving bumps for men and women, eczema, acne , psoriasis
*Reduce scarring, brighten red spots
*Reduce itching
*Cleansing and clarifying, drawing out impurities
*Balancing oil production
*Exfoliating, astringent, antiseptic, draws out bacteria

Butyrospermum Parkii Butter ,Plukenetia Volubilis seed Oil, Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil , Zinc Oxide, Tocopherol , Helianthus Annuus Oil, Charcoal powder, Avena Sativa Kernel oil, Nigella Sativa Seed Oil, Pterocarpus Santalinus Wood Powder , Copaifera Reticulata Balsam Oil

How to use our cream:
You need only a small dab of cream, a little goes a very long way. Due to natural activated charcoal it is advisable to keep it away from white garments.
Wash skin with warm or soapy water. Cream will not stain your skin!
Please store in room temperature and use within 6 months.

Leave overnight or for a few hours to let ingredients work.
You may experience more spots at first, especially if you use drugstore cosmetics and want to change to pure, natural skincare. On average you may see difference within 1 week, however, it varies from person to person.

You can also use this cream as a detoxifying, purifying face mask . Put a thick layer of product on whole face, leave for at least 20 minutes and wash off with delicate soap and water. With continued use the cream will remove toxins out from skin.

If your house is exceptionally hot, please store in the fridge. If you experience melting due to high temperature, store in the fridge until solid. Keep away from dire t sunlight or heat sources.

100% Natural
Not tested on animals
Natural essential oils
No artificial colors